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Legal Amp General

Legal & General is a financial services company operating predominantly in the United Kingdom. Its main products are Pensions, Life Assurance, and Investments. It's not small - a top 50 FTSE company responsible for investing over 211 billion worldwide. It's a conservative company that prefers to avoid taking risks.

Legal & General relaunched its main website on the 31st July 2005. The redesign was necessary to improve conversion rates of its online applications - mainly through streamlining the applications and improving the usability of the site. Also, there was a strong focus on building an accessible website.

The technical requirements of the website were to use structured XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS 2.1 for layout and styling, unobtrusive Java Script?, accessible (aiming for WCAG AA+ compliance). At launch the site met all these requirements with only a handful of pages not meeting WCAG AA+. The secondary requirement is that the site could be used on mobile devices, particularly the Blackberry.

Immediate benefits of the new site

Caroline Fawcett, L&G Customer Experience Director: "The new site has almost doubled the number of visitors seeking quotes and buying Legal & General financial products online."

This surge in customers happened from the first day of the launch of the new site (or at the launch of the new application, if it was delivered later). To my knowledge, there were no promotions or advertising of any kind in the run-up to the launch, on the launch or in the immediate period thereafter, and the measurements weren't timed to coincide with any known seasonal upswings of traffic (like ISA Season immediately before the financial year end). So the improvement you see is largely because of the site itself, and not because of any external factors or hype.

Return on investment

Fortune Cookie notes: "The entire project has delivered a 100% return on investment within 12 months." (Life Assurance and Home Insurance the return was completed in 5 months)

Recent coverage by Bloor Research noted that: "Take up of some financial products via the site increased by 300%"

SEO improvements

Fortune Cookie says "Online traffic surged with a 28% increase in natural search engine listings within 24 hours of the new site being launched."

Caroline Fawcett, L&G Customer Experience Director, says the new site has "increased the amount of natural search engine traffic we get by half as much again."

Doubling conversion rates

The bulk of the reason for doubling conversion rates rests with the following reasons:

  • A dedicated effort to streamline the application process, including removing spurious and redundant content, and irrelevant questions.
  • A strong focus on making the applications as easy to understand as possible (within some severe constraints like the application architecture and legal requirements). This is one of the key accessibility requirements of using the simplest language possible.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

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