TE;DL - Too easy, didn't learn

TE;DL Too easy, didn't learn

I'm with stupid

We are part of a very small group…

Lucky sign

I've been saying it a lot…

And it is worth repeating…

There is nothing more exciting than being a web developer

Chris Heilmann

Terrible, grumpy people?

Didn't say the magic word animation

What motivates people?

Dan Ariely's talk on TED.com

Dan Ariely: what makes us feel good about our work?

Will you do $x if I give you…


Building Lego Bionicles

Lego Bionicles

Counting letters

Typed letter

Three scenarios

  • First scenario:
    • Put your name on the paper.
    • Do the task.
    • When finished, a person checks your paper.
    • He then nods, and puts it on a stack of paper.
  • Second scenario:
    • Do the task.
    • When finished, a person takes your paper and without looking puts it on a stack of paper.
  • Third scenario:
    • Do the task.
    • When finished, a person shreds your paper in front of you without looking at it.


The drop-off rate when people considered it not worthy of their time was the quickest in the shredding scenario, but not much less than the "not looked at" scenario. Strangely enough, people did not cheat.

Rule of happiness #1

Recognition counts more than remuneration.

Selling origami

Origami elephant

Two scenarios

  • First scenario:
    • Give people full instructions how to fold origami.
    • Ask them how much they would sell it for.
    • Ask people who weren't involved in the creation how much they'd pay for it.
  • Second scenario:
    • Change: Give people only guiding instructions how to fold origami.


People who had only guiding instructions wanted to sell the origami figures for much more, whilst the buyers wanted to pay less as they seemed lesser quality than the full instruction ones.

Rule of happiness #2

Having to work harder for something brings pride and a sense of ownership.

What are our happiness blockers?

production line of cars, 1940

Lack of real recognition

production line of cars, 1940

Lack of ownership…

Applying for a Visa in India

Visa application site for India

Not an uncommon sight…

Applying for a Visa in the US

ESTA Visa waiver web site

Stuck between Dunning-Kruger and impostor…

Code works and I don't know why, code doesn't work and I don't know why

Andy Budd: Specialism, Ego and The Dunning-Kruger Effect - Dunning-Kruger Effect - Impostor syndrome

We're keeping ourselves busy…

  • DOM replacement libraries
  • CSS frameworks
  • Packaging managers
  • Build scripts
  • Automation scripts
  • IDE extensions
  • Minimalistic Publishing tools
  • MVC frameworks
Dog plays fetch with itself

Dreaming of tools…

editor showing the final gameplay amended changing the code

Bret Victor - inventing on principle

We have to stop thinking in black and white

unhappy black labrador puppy in snow

Automation solves everything?

Finding an automation solution means maintaining it

'Automating' comes from the roots 'auto-' meaning 'self-', and 'mating', meaning 'screwing'.


Dry vegetation

Building muscle memory

Pedals in a car

Trial and Error, Rinse and repeat

Screenshot of the cave game

Many ways to reach the same goal

CSS Tricks: A blue box

The epiphany of gaming

  1. This game is badly coded - full of bugs!
  2. Actually, I just suck at it!
  3. I can do this!
  4. I got this!
  5. Let's share how awesome I am!

Let's get fat, rosy and happy!

Puppies being fed

Enough with the abstractions!

Mobile frameworks comparison chart

Fixing the baseline

World Wide Web

Rodney Rehm: thank god we have a specification

Even superheroes need backup

Greenscreen people helping superman

Let's coach painters…

Goth colouring book


Goth colouring book

We are a lot of things…

  • Makers
  • Coders
  • Writers
  • Designers
  • Organisers
  • Structurers
  • Publishers
  • Fixers


Heilmann on Mozilla pedestal