Keep calm and trust HTML5

Keep calm and trust HTML5

Keep calm and trust HTML5

So, about that HTML5 thing…

Hype cycle

The hype cycle

Enough with the shiny demos!

Disco dancing

Doing it wrong…

How to tell HTML5 from HTML

Clogging up the interpipes…

18MB HTML5 page

Simulating the native…

How to tell HTML5 from HTML

Catering to a hipster market…

Shut up and take my parent's money

Pascal Finette: The False Economy of Apps

A new market…

Teenagers in Britain - 95% internet access, 10% smartphone, 46% mobile phone, 44% own computer

Anna Debenham: Console browser microsite - Exploring the game console browser landscape

Game consoles!…

Teenagers in Britain: 69% handheld, 86% games console

Anna Debenham: Console browser microsite - Exploring the game console browser landscape

The web is ready for it!

The Web is platform agnostic, its success isn't chained to the continued success of a specific platform.

Mike Davies

Use, don't replace…

This platform independent characteristic is a feature of the Web, not a shortcoming. It's not meant to emulate Operating System graphical widgets. That's the browser's job (or the operating system's job), not the web stack's.

Mike Davies

Isn't that fragmentation?

Oh my god!

No, it is the internet experience!

Let me introduce you to the internet

The cutting edge will hurt you!

Cutting edge is very sharp!

Jake Archibald: Application Cache is a Douchebag

You're on the ride, enjoy it!

Best day ever puppy

If HTML5 is not you, that's OK…

Best day ever puppy

It is not that complex…

any questions

The HTML5 101 plan

Five HTML5 mistakes to avoid in 2013

get the mightiest weapon in the universe, point at face

1 HTML5 is not "building for iPhone"

HTML5 is more than iPhone
Photo by Yutaka Tsutano

2 HTML5 doesn't mean "write whatever"

Hardware blowup

3 HTML5 has to work offline

Photo by Ben Dalton

4 HTML5 should be mobile-friendly

18MB HTML5 page

5 HTML5 can adapt - let's allow it!

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More things to know

JavaScript is here to stay, learn it!

good and eval

Don't rely on experimental features

Crap pipe

Browser = developer environment

Firefox devtools

Build in HTML5, render natively



It works!

While webapp ninjas complain about their tools and environment, entrepreneurs create these applications with the web stack.

Mike Davies

Splendid stuff in the making

Not quite getting the goodies


Hardware access

Hardware blowup

Firefox OS - we're on it!

Firefox OS

Building blocks

X-tags examples

Web Components - X-Tag - WebGame stub - Mortar

Simple packaging

Standards inception

Adobe brackets

Adobe Brackets

The vanilla web diet

vanilla cupcakes

The vanilla web diet

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The time is now, the place is here…

Today is the tomorrow you expected yesterday

Shaun Tan: the lost thing


impatient cookie monster