Making HTML5 work with Firefox OS

Making HTML5 work with Firefox OS

firefox phone

HTML5 beyond the hype…

Hype cycle

The hype cycle

The great things about HTML5

  • Promotion of HTML to an application platform
  • World-wide availability without waiting for hardware
  • Flexibility - give users what their environment can stomach
  • Simple development environment - just start writing
  • Simple deployment - put it on a server and you're done

The spanners in the works…

wrong tile

One size fits all?

lots of devices

Times change…

The Obama Family 2009 and 2013 - everyone reading on phones

All hail the hypnophone…

people reading on their phones

Limited access to hardware

clamped wheel
Photo by Ricardo Liberato

Lack of a "native" distribution platform

Corner shop Photo by Mark Sebastian

Failed mimicking attempts

cow shoes as worn by moonshiners during the prohibition

Woe is us! HTML5 is dead!

Zuckerberg at TechCrunch Disrupt

Quoting is hard…

I think that the biggest mistake that we made as a company was betting too much on HTML5 as opposed to native, because it just wasn't there.

Mark Zuckerberg (of sorts)

Success is irrelevant?

It's not that HTML5 is bad. I'm actually long-term really excited about it. And one of the things that's interesting is we have actually more people on a daily basis using mobile web Facebook that we have using our iOS or Android apps combined. So mobile web is a big thing for us.

Shooting the HTML5 messenger…

But there's no doubt that, we went for this approach, we built this internal framework that we called Faceweb, which is basically this idea that we can take the infrastructure that we built out for pushing code everyday, not having to submit to an app store, building web code on the web stack that we have, and that we can translate that into mobile development. We just were never able to get the quality of it we wanted

Sencha delivers: Fastbook


Making of Fastbook - Fastbook

What HTML5 needs is a flagship platform


Firefox OS - we're on it!

Firefox OS

Truly opening up phones

Hardware blowup

Developer tools

Firefox devtools

Building blocks in the browser

X-tags examples

Mortar - fxos-stub - Web Components - X-Tag

Simulator in the browser


Firefox OS Simulator 1.0 is here!

Also works on Android

Foxkeh loves android

To market, to market…

Firefox marketplace

Firefox Marketplace

Taking markets to the web…

The search interface of Firefox OS

The time is now, the place is here…

Today is the tomorrow you expected yesterday

Shaun Tan: the lost thing

Off you go, make awesome!

outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens


that's all firefox