GeoMaker for developers comes in two flavours: you can either download GeoMaker and use it on your own server or just use the API.

Get GeoMaker

You can download GeoMaker for yourself and install it on your own server or localhost instead of coming back here. The code is available on GitHub:

Requirements and Installation

To run GeoMaker on your own server, you need to have the following:

To install, just download GeoMaker and put it in a folder on your server. Get your license key, replace the one inside gm_config.php and upload it. You can then test your configuration by opening test.php.


Licensing of GeoMaker

GeoMaker is Open Source and available on GitHub. The license is BSD:

Licensing of generated code

However, this does not apply to the use of the maps you generate with GeoMaker - they are defined in the Yahoo Maps Terms of Service.

We would also strongly recommend to get your own development key for Yahoo Maps and replace the one in the generated code with yours.

If you download and install GeoMaker you also need to check the Placemaker Terms and Conditions.


GeoMaker comes with an API, too. The API endpoint is:

And here are the docs:

  GeoMaker API (of sorts)
  If you hate interfaces, this is the place for you! 
  Simply send parameters and GeoMaker does stuff for you. 
  url (required) - the URL to load and analyze 
  output (required) - what to give back to you 
  output=map                 - returns the map include code to put into any 
                               HTML document
  output=json                - returns a JSON object of matched locations as 
                               a JSON array of objects. Each object has a lat,
                               lon and title property.
  output=json&callback=foo   - does the same but wraps it in foo()
  output=microformats        - returns the microformats HTML
  output=kml                 - returns the data as KML
  output=csv                 - returns the data as CSV
    If you set raw=true you can see the content retrieved from the URL 
    and the XML returned by Placemaker.
  Try, try again, Mr. Wint: