From DHTML to DOM scripting

On the following page you will find an article that was initially commissioned by a Webzine for publication and deemed not fit for release for the audience it was intended to. As I am too busy with my book to rewrite it (this is already the 2nd version) I chose to not bother and simply give it out to you folks independently of a webzine.

The article takes a normal web development task of creating a dynamic web page with a tabbed interface, a popping-up product shot and a slide show and shows two ways of reaching the same result:

I hope that this article will help newer JavaScript developers to understand what scripts to avoid and older JavaScript developers to understand why and how to change their ways.

Please don't hesitate to comment on my blog, but be patient in case you find mistakes or want more detailed explanations - I am writing about 13,000 words/day now to get the book finished in time.

Cheers, Chris Heilmann

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